Some Postman

I made Some Postman for my first Ludum Dare Ludum Dare . The theme was “delivery”; I decided to make a Tinder-esque game based on the song Some Postman The Presidents of the United States of America - Some Postman (Official Music Video) Some Postman by The Presidents of the United States of America. This is the first major music video shot on cell phones. Directed by Grant Marshal, a lovely ... by The Presidents of the United States of America. You play in the game as the postman from the song; your goal is to steal love letters from the mail. Although I entered “The Jam” which allows you to work in teams, I made this entry on my own — the design code, art and sounds were all done by me in 72 hours!

Initially, the only interactive part of the game was going to be “swiping” left or right to steal the love letters. Going between the houses was going to be a cinematic, until I realized that it would actually be harder to hardcode the braking behavior than it would be to just let the player control it. Luckily, mailbox flags turned out to be the perfect concept for signaling which houses to stop at. Playtesting revealed that it was kinda boring passing multiple consecutive houses with their flags down; that inspired the “turbo” mechanic, which adds a nice tension between wanting to get to houses as quickly as possible versus making sure not to miss one.

I built the game using Unity, which isn’t my favorite software in the world; it feels very heavyweight for what’s ultimately a pretty simple game. It’s pretty full featured, though — I didn’t have to reinvent any wheels, which is definitely an asset when you’re racing to deliver a game by yourself in a weekend.