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What Counts as Politics in the Workplace?

Basecamp says that "work is not an appropriate place to debate political issues". The problem is that the people on the other side aren’’t actually calling for debate. So let’s see if we can bridge the gap. What, exactly, counts as politics in the workplace?

What Is Censorship, Really?

Last week I posted about Section 230 and tech censorship. A couple days later, Glenn Greenwald was censored by his editors at The Intercept. What timing!

Taming the Tech Giants

The web was built with the promise of giving everyone a voice. We keep that promise not by forcing gatekeepers to play fair, but by getting rid of them entirely.

Full Stack Ethics

We need to get real for a second. The money and data that we use to build "ethical" software often goes to companies that violate the very principles we try to embody.