JAKE.MUSEUM is an online museum of every website I’ve ever worked on. I designed and built most of them myself; they’re time capsules of every year of my life starting from age 17. (Coincidentally, 17 is also when I started tracking the music I listened to mlingojones’s Music Profile | Last.fm Listen to music from mlingojones’s library (145,054 tracks played). mlingojones’s top artists: Polyphia, Guitar Fight from Fooly Cooly, Intervals. Get your own music profile at Last.fm, the world’s largest social music platform. www.last.fm/user/mlingojones .)

I wrote a post called Preserving the Web Preserving the Web | jakelazaroff.com jake.museum: an online collection of my web design and development work, from 2007 to the present day. But finding the source code was just the beginning. A lot has changed since 2007, and getting these old sites up and running again is not as simple as plopping the files on a server. jakelazaroff.com/words/preserving-the-web/ about the process of creating it. There’s still work to do. One day, I’d like to find a way to restore some of the dynamic sites, like the logged-in portions of my Drexel senior project DIGM Vault | JAKE.MUSEUM A collection of visual and hypertext media. jake.museum/digmvault/ .